Swetlana Meermann-Muret is located at the confluence of the three cultures russian, german and french. Each of them successively took place in the course of her life and she learned how to integrate and make them coexist to better serve her Art: Music.
She has performed in Russia, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Hungary, Czech republic, Rwanda.
From her roots, she cultivates the best and her musical heritage combines ideally a typical Russian expressive commitment (ardent and tinted of melancholy), an analytical rigor allied to an imaginary overflowing characteristic of her Germanic nature, and a freedom of mind "à la française" where the lightness of tone has sometimes adorned to a touch of irony.
Swetlana Meermann-Muret was able to learn in Russia how to play Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky, in Germany Bach and Brahms and in France Debussy and Ravel.
Her musical talents are expressed under multiple facets be it on the international scene in quality of soloist, chamber musician, accompanist or as a teacher.
A pianist sought for her finesse, her profession of performer has allowed her to address in concert a huge repertoire ranging from Baroque Music to Contemporary Music. She likes to make her public discover certain repertoires little frequented and it is not rare that she sprinkles her concerts of works by composers still too unjustly neglected such as Lekeu, Ljadov, Medtner, Gavrilin and Chedrin. It is also significant that her first CD included a work of Rodion Chedrin beside famous composers.
In order to express herself in the multiple disciplines that she practiced, Swetlana Meermann-Muret surrounded herself with talented musicians and created with them several ensembles such as Duo Lichtspiel (violin&piano), Duo Vocalise and Duo Solméthéa, (voice&piano) SwetArtTrio (that greatly exceeds the usual framework of the "classical music") and finally Duo Slavia which explores particularly the slavic music. She also played in duo with contrebasse and saxophone and realised a project with actors at the International Festival "Estivales musicales" in Switzerland.

Born in Russia in a family of musicians, Swetlana Meermann-Muret has never had doubts on her vocation: piano immediately imposed to her in a natural way. From her childhood, she will always keep passion for the music of her native country, while cultivating other directories she explores and interpreters with vigour. She starts learning piano at the age of seven and is quickly noticed by her early talent. At the age of 12 years, she is regarded as one of the best students of the Special Regional School of Art for gifted children in Lipezk and obtains several prices and scholarships in Russia. Swetlana Meermann-Muret finished her Master Degree in Germany at the Music Conservatory in Frankfurt (class of Irina Edelstein) and then her Postgraduated studies at the Music Conservatory in Karlsruhe ( class of Michael Uhde and Markus Stange) where she achieved her Diploma as a concert pianist with the highest distingtions in 2010. Attracted by France she decides to complete her education at CNSMD in Lyon with Géry Moutier and at CNSMD in Paris with Brigitte Engerer.
She received advises of great teachers by participating in many master classes and making most memorable encounters with renowned musicians as Menahem Pressler, Anatol Ugorski, Martin Helmchen, Naum Starkmann, Evgeni Malinin, Marie-Elisabeth Hecker, Jean-Claude Pennetier, Jean Mouillère, Jeff Cohen and others.
Swetlana Meermann-Muret is a winner of many competitions for piano solo, chamber music and piano accompaniment as : International Piano Competition in Brest, International Competition "Flame", in Paris, Forum Musical de Normandie, 8th International Competition Lied et Mélodie in Gordes (Duo Solméthéa), International Family-Competition (SwetArtTrio) in France; Grotrian-Steinweg National Piano Competition in Braunschweig, National Competition "Jugend-musiziert", "Mozartpreis" of Koblenz for chamber music in Germany; Piano Competition of K.Igumnov in Lipezk and Piano Competition "New talents" in Woronezh in Russia. She was also a finalist of the Chamber Music International Competition "Duchi d'Aquaviva" in Italy and of the Concerto Competition of the Master Works Festival in USA (S.Rachmaninoff 2nd Piano concerto).
She made her debut as soloist with the State Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Northhampton at the age of 16 with the 1st Piano Concerto by P. Tchaikovsky. She also performed with the State Philharmonic Orchestra of Rheinland-Pfalz, with the School Orchestra of Landesmusikgymnasium Montabaur and with the State Philharmonic Orchestra of Baden-Baden in Germany.
Passionate by chamber music the pianist obtains a scholarship of the Germain Fondation Villa Musica which offers her the opportunity to perform with renowned musicians from 2007- 2010. Holder of the 1st Lions Club price Neuwied-Andernach, the pianist has been also a scholar of ZIRP and DAAD fondations in Germany and of the Académie musicale de Villecroze in France.
Engaged in humanitarian action, Swetlana Meermann-Muret has participated with a cellist Marie-Elisabeth Hecker in benefit concerts for the association Music Road Rwanda and has also taught at the music school in Kigali.
Also graduated in pedagogy from the Music Conservatory in Frankfurt, Swetlana Meermann-Muret made her rich experiences in educational field as teacher at the Music Conservatory in Karlsruhe and CNSMD in Lyon, at the Musikgymnasium Montabaur in Germany, at the CRD in Bourg-la-Reine, CRR and Music school for adults in Lyon, France. She is interested in transmission of the musical knowledge and continues to invest with young musicians in giving regular master-classes at the Landesmusikakademie Rheinland-Pfalz, at the Crescendo International Summer Institut.